MEASUREMENTS: (350X150Cm) (138X60 In) 

Chandelier of 5-6-7 or 8 arms composed of 3 parts. For each arm, a wooden body of etimoe (central Africa), a brass screen martelado by hand and an extension ending in a brass dish varnished on the ceiling.

Chysalide is a lamp made to measure according to each space depending its wingspan may have more or less arms and be more or less high depending on the height of the roof. The chandelier is delivered folded in a box with wheels tailored to the lamp. It is placed under the roof in order to hang it. It is removed from the box with a rope and a pulley attached to the attachment point, it hangs up, connects and deploy the arms thanks to 2 pins located at each end of the body of wood.

This chandelier offers the great advantage of not needing any assembly. The brass screens are rotating allowing to alternate direct lighting downwards and indirectly, illuminating towards the ceiling.

Each screen carries a bulb E-14 that can be Led or incandescent according to the colour of light that Wanted. Chrysalide is a pendant for large spaces such as halls, receivers or spaces with high ceilings.