“To my father, to my fathers, to the Father, to Eckhart Tolle, Marshall Rosenberg, Issa Padovani who accompany me daily in my Work and my sons, Jan and Magí.”

If life has taught me anything, it is the certainty that I am not the one who chooses who I am or where I go. Neither the environment I was born in nor the political situation in my country, much less my teenage aspirations for the path to take in life. At this point, when I was studying physics and music in Lausanne, suddenly my trajectory got truncated. Seized with deep discomfort, I was no longer able to continue my studies. I then made an initiatory journey of several months around my country, Afghanistan, still at war, and it was in India that I saw artisans working in the streets.

I swear to you that I never chose to work with wood and light, amazing as it sounds, for myself first. I come now, after more than 30 years of dedication to uniting these two elements, to wonder what prompted me. The answer to this question is revealed on the scale of a lifetime, but where I am I can certify that even though apparently I am driving my life, I am being driven by a force that is far beyond my capacity of understanding all that passes in me and outside me; shift that I often undergo not without torments and anxieties: An enormous force which pushes from the interior, like a being which wants to see the day light, a voice which wants deliberately to be heard, to recognize, to appear in the light… Yes, to arise in the light, to give oneself to live.And the writing is there, has always been there as an instrument of connection with this other being, which day after day reveals itself a little bit more to me. But why then, the light and the wood? But why is it that I do what I do so insistently? Where does this “sickly” obsession come from? What makes me vibrate so much in my work, whips my blood, gives me such vitality and joie de vivre? When a mother gives birth, we don’t ask her why! When a child is born, we don’t ask him why! We only ask ourselves such questions when we are foreign to our inner nature, only when we have no longer left room for the Father and take ourselves for Him.


Happiness can be found even in the darknest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.